World War II Poster Cards

Following, are Poster Cards from the WW II Era that were intended
to Promote Patriotism during a difficult time.

The Photos were received as an email, too good to be deleted and shown here to
share this bit of American History with others.

Some of you may have been too young to recall these Posters and WW II,
but were here as part of our families lives. These Posters are great.
Pass them along to your friends.

We "grew up" thinking "Patriotism, it is the American way!

Whatever happened?

Political correctness happened.

Lack of personal responsibility happened.

Lack of personal integrity and honesty happened.

Lack of respect and loyalty to our country happened.

Lack of being an American happened.

Did all of these things die along with common sense?

Be proud to be an American!

Pass this along, so others can show their pride.

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