*** Yosemite National Park ***
August 11, 2011

Getting to Yosemite using Las Vegas as the Gateway.

Ariving at OIA East Terminal at 4:15 A.M. for a 6 A.M. flight to Vegas.

After a restful night, left next day at 5 A.M. to take advantage of the morning Desert Temperature.
Water and supplies were taken in the event of an unthinkable car breakdown.

"Nevada" is the Spanish word for Snow-capped and we started to see them on NV266.

Drove North of Vegas on US95, then West on NV266, which connected us to CA168,then US395 in California.

"Called it a day", 30 minutes outside of Yosemite at Mammoth Lakes. A bonus for us, a beautiful interesting place.
A Ski resort with many Ski Slopes and Lifts for the many folks that come in Winter. Fly rod trout fishing in Summer.

We had time for sight seeing and photos.

A tiny Glacier with no intent to melt away. It is August and hasn't melted.

Next day, 6 A.M., back on US395, 30 minutes South of Yosemite.

Entered Yosemite N.P. from Lee Vinning, the N.East entrance on Tioga Road.

Driving across Yosemite N.P. to Y. Valley on Tioga Road:
Elevation: 11,526' Time: 6:45 a.m. Temp: 37 deg. - Car heater is on.
Upon reaching the Valley, the temperature was about 72 deg.

Tioga Lake

Dana River

Rock Scenery

A lightning Fire occurred a few days prior, burning a few hundred acres, the smoke caused a lingering
white haze affecting some photos taken. The next few photos may have this haze.

"El Capitan" - the lady, not the Mountain!

Water Fall

Yosemite Falls - from the very top all the way down!

Tunnel View Water Fall - so named because it is very close to
a long tunnel through a mountain. If I look sad, it is because I know
we'll be on the last segment of the Park before exiting at the South
entrance (Wawona) and on to Fresno, Ca. Next day to King's Canyon and
Sequoia N.P. We will surely miss this beautiful Park!

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