*** Las Vegas & Hoover Dam ***
August 14, 2011

Returning to Las Vegas from Sequoia N.P. an area of low cost Power Generation came to view near
Barstow, Ca (Mojave Desert). Shown are about 1/3 of the wind-turbines as mountains left and right,
not shown in photo are also covered with wind-turbines. Turbines appear to be stalled, but because
turbines operate at low rpm, the camera is able to "stop" blades. It was very Interesting to see.

This is Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) at Tropicana Ave. The Well known Hotel - Casinos are along The Strip.

One of the many Shops on the Strip.

Hoover Dam is about 30 miles South of Las Vegas just past Boulder City and is very Interesting to see.
More so now, since the Mike O'Callaghan and Pat Tillman (Middle East War heroes) Memorial Bridge was constructed.

The Dam was completed about the time my generation was being born - 1935.

This awesome Bridge was completed in 2010 or 2011. Photos of the Construction are even more awesome than the finished Bridge.

This spot in the Colorado River is close to the Dam and recreational watercraft turn back at the marker in
the water. Up river - around that bend is Lake Mead which provides a Park, Marina and many activities.

This side holds the water back. Only enough water is allowed to pass to operate the water turbine
Generators on the other side. Water Intake for the Generators are performed by the 4 towers in the water.
See a contruction photo (next) for a better view of the towers before the Colorado River filled the area.

The Generator side where very high Voltage Power is generated and placed on the Grid Towers. The used
water continues on its way in the Colorado River.

While taking this photo from the Dam, I decided to go to the center of the Bridge and take one of the
Dam. It was a little scary. Photos are coming up near the end.

On the bridge are 6 people and a passing Semi (black trailer, White tractor). Wife and I walked to
far left (Re: photo) to center of Bridge a little later.

We got the car and drove about 1 1/2 miles from the Dam parking lot to the Bridge parking lot.
Using a series of steps (With rest areas) got to Bridge level to start journey to center.

Butterflies begin! After mustering up some courage, We started the walk to the center.
Wife? She's okay - not afraid of heights. FYI, one can walk all the way into Arizona.

Horizontal shot to show big picture. Upper right is dam parking. We drove across Dam to Bridge
Parking. Re: see cars on left side going out.

Vertical shot to show more of bottom, Dam and skyline.

Airport departure Gates have Gambling One-arm Bandits for trying your luck until Boarding.
Trip mileage: 1,150 miles; Average MPG: 37 MPG; Car: KIA Forte, 2.4L, Performance: excellent

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